What People Say About Nicole’s Events

  • "What I heard in Nicole's Talk is Definitely Helping Me"
    — SC
  • "Nicole is a Particularly Inspiring Mentor and Speaker"
    — DT
  • "Nicole's Event Was Like a Breath of Fresh Air! You Won't Be Disappointed"
    — EE
  • "One of the Best Events I've Ever Been To"
    — LE
  • "Nicole's Courage to Return to Truth Inspires Others"
    — DT
  • "Nicole Has a Natural Gift For Creating an Inspiring, Authentic Atmosphere"
    — BM
  • "I No Longer Need to Berate Myself for Not Meditating"
    — RF
  • "So Refreshing - Nicole's Session was Most Inspiring; 'I am not Broken' Should be a Motto for Life"
    — SW
  • "Nicole's Event Sparked and Changed Something in me, I Realise the Missing Link in who I am. You Have a Gift"
    — AD
  • "Nicole is a Revolution, Dressed as a Fairy"
    — TT

Upcoming Workshops & Meetups

Nicole’s workshops are described as a breath of fresh air. Through beautiful sharing circles, Nicole shares her unique understanding about how she found freedom from suffering, cultivating a community of connection in which people are invited to open up about their own experiences and be held within a safe, facilitated space. Often combined with soulful expression, through yin yoga, meditation or sound healing, they offer a really blissful experience of self-rediscovery.

More Yoga REconnect to Heart event.jpg

Reconnect to Your Heart with Yin

Sunday 24th November, 1pm-3.30pm

More Yoga, Angel



Still in the City

Friday 29th November, 7.45pm-9.15pm

The Life Centre, Islington


Regents Park Benugo_LR.jpg

London Wellbeing Connect

Announced Soon

Benugo Cafe, The Regents Park



Warwickshire Wellbeing Connect

Announced Soon

The Navigation Inn, Lapworth



Upcoming Talks

Hear from Nicole about her own journey as she shares her unique story in one of her inspiring talks in order to help others learn how to find freedom from their own suffering - no matter what that is. You’ll hear about how Nicole awakened to an understanding that transformed her whole life and enabled her to embody a lighter experience, and less fear of suffering.


Nourished Mind

Sunday 8th December, 2-7pm

The Flowerpot, Hoxton



More Dates Coming Soon!

Keep an eye on this page for upcoming speaking events, including Rest Fest, The Awakening and Balance Festival.

Looking to book Nicole as a speaker? Visit the Connect page for more info.


Upcoming Retreats

If you want to dive a bit deeper, why not check out one of Nicole’s upcoming global retreats?


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