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I’ve felt stuck with heaviness in the past, as well as our day-today anxieties and overwhelm; but I’ve also had some deep insights that helped me to find an easier, more joyful experience of life, and I’ve worked with many people to help them transform and see that there is a way to feel differently about suffering too - no matter what it is.

Since I awakened to an understanding that helped me experience a lighter relationship with my own suffering, by seeing that we aren’t who we think we are, I have been sharing this truth globally through Life Mentoring, to help other people have insights that have changed their lives, helping them reconnect to their own wisdom in order to feel free of whatever they feel stuck with.

There is nothing to do but see something deeper, but this is a journey and so I will be here every step of the way to hold your hand and provide space for you to drop out of your head and back into who you really are, as I remind you that you are not broken. I share with you a unique understanding about how the mind works, pointing you back to your inbuilt wisdom to help you remember your innate possiblity. It’s a simple, yet beautiful unraveling of who you really are, underneath all that you think you are - and once you see it, your whole experience of life will be forever different. I know that this is what you have been searching for, because I was, too - and for me this understanding was the missing link that helped me to make sense of everything.

Why not join me in a beautiful unfolding and drop back into your heart, by tailoring your programme today and finding out about the possibilities? Programmes are available globally, but if you are in the UK, you could also combine this with something you really love to do, in-person - from walking in nature, to yoga and meditation, or even a spa day - so get creative and let’s make this programme your own!

What People Say About Nicole’s Mentoring

  • "Nicole Really Helped Me Delve Past My Thoughts to See My Own Capability"
    — PH
  • "You Will Think About Things in a Different Way"
    — ET
  • "Nicole Allowed Me to Get Excited About All the Things Happening For Me"
    — JF
  • "Nicole Helped Me Unravel and Heal a Host of Things"
    — SS
  • "After Sessions with Nicole I Have a Clear Vision"
    — AO
  • "I Have a New Outlook on Life"
    — ET

“Nicole will definitely help you to change your life.”

“I have always suffered greatly from anxiety and over the past few years this seemed to get worse. I decided to try to get help for it once and for all, so I found Nicole and contacted her to discuss the help that she could provide.

I started having Life Mentoring with Nicole. She basically helped me get to the bottom of why I become anxious and helped me realise my anxiety comes from within and is not in connection with anyone or anything else. Seeing this - and realising that my anxious thinking works this way - has really helped me and I continue to improve. I have been really impressed with how Nicole explains the concepts of the mind. She is really understanding and makes you feel so at ease that you feel like you can really open up to her. Thank you Nicole!”

“For anyone who experiences any sort of mental health suffering, like my anxiety and depression, which I now see as labels and not who I am, I urge you to contact Nicole for help. She will definitely help you to change your life.” - JM

Do you want to:

  • Feel peace, resilience and joy, overcoming anxiety, overwhelm, sadness or trauma and transforming your cycle of feeling ‘stuck’?

  • Be seen, listened to and held in a safe space of love and connection so that you can also hear yourself?

  • Find freedom from whatever you are suffering with without really doing any ‘self-help’ work?

  • Have an easier relationship with suffering, so that it no longer feels like it impacts your life?

  • Understand the truth about how your mind works and unlearn conditioning that holds you back?

  • Allow yourself to drop back into your true innate wisdom, wellbeing and resilience?

  • See the life-changing missing link as to why you have not yet found that elusive ‘inner peace'?

  • Actually learn to embrace your suffering, resting in the deepest acceptance of it?

  • Feel totally reconnected to life - and open up to whatever possibilities you want to experience from it?

If so, then you’re ready to work with me a little deeper - and I’d love to hear from you.


I work with people all around the globe to share this beautiful, life-changing wisdom. There are limited spaces to work with me, so if you are keen please complete the form below to apply to get started and arrange an initial chat. I look forward to connecting with you soon to begin this wonderful journey.