Are you looking to find freedom from suffering?
Join me in a gentle unfolding of who you really are....


There is an innate peacefulness that lies beyond all our suffering – something which can only be felt – that when you arrive in its bliss, you know you are home.  I want to take you to that beautiful space of truthful connection; your true wisdom - and it lies just underneath a layer of intellect and thinking, in a totally new experience of life…


Who am i?

I am Nicole Barton, a Life Mentor who helps people find freedom from suffering by seeing that we aren’t who we think. I have a passion for gently reconnecting people to their truth by sharing a unique understanding about how our mind works.


Want to learn more?

I nurture a love for language, sharing words, poetry and publications - and I’m currently working on my book! I gift you my poetry, blogs and podcasts, so enjoy the feelings they inspire - why not join my online community?


Why not See for yourself?

Join me at my nurturing events to learn how to find freedom from anything you are suffering with. I regularly run workshops and speak at events to help you drop back into your heart, holding you in a safe space whilst we explore our connection to a lighter experience of life.


reconnect to your Truth Retreats

My global retreats are a real opportunity to immerse yourself in the truthful wisdom which exists under our thinking. Join our like-minded community of connection in the Bali jungle or English countryside to deeply embody freedom from suffering! Bespoke options available.


Want to work with me?

Freedom from suffering truly exists for everyone. If you really want to gently unfold and allow your experience of suffering to drop away why not dive deeper and explore with me, one-to-one, to truly change your life?

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