Be Moved

Be Moved

Be blown by the wind, my love.
Because the wind knows the way.

I know; we really love to think that we are in control,
That we are in charge and we can plan and decide what is next for us,
Because this illusion feels somehow safer, and more secure, thinking we know what's in store,
Doesn't it my darling?

But we never really know,
And we never really need to,
Even when we really think we do.

At least, that's how it looks to me when I'm in the calmer moments,
When I'm out of the depths of dispair,
When I'm not making it personal, my love.
Because we like to do that, don't we?
And it isn't personal.

It is purely the winds of change,
Fluttering through us,
Living us.
And if we allow ourselves to be lived
Whilst we play with dreaming about how we'd like to be,
We'll find that we can just allow whatever shows up to be present,
And we can rest in the suffering even when it feels difficult,
Knowing that this moment is just what is meant for us, right now.
And sensing a glimpse that we have plenty more pleasure in store,
Which will arrive just as we are ready.

So until then, my beautiful soul, simply rest here with me, please?
We can hold our restless bones, gently, in a loving embrace,
And see the deeper truth;
That all we really have to do is let go,

And allow ourselves to be moved.