Breathe your Way Back

Breathe Your Way Back

Breathe, my dear.

Lie down and rest a while. Ground yourself into the earth and breathe.

Gently caress the earth with the softness of the air from your nose, offering back the gift of life that connects us and the natural world. Breathing back into it.

Let your breathe flood your body as you begin to see the Truth again. You can be here now, in this moment. Exactly as it is. Exactly as you are.

Feel the bliss wash over you as you realise there's nothing to resist. As you see that this is all a story of your mind.

Breathe out into the story. Let it dissolve as your breath becomes a gentle reminder of who you really are.

Because you are innately built for this. Without having to do anything, just as your breath knows what to do without trying to figure it out, so too do you. No doing involved.
Breathe into this space, my love, and allow your wisdom to unfurl, encasing you only in its freedom.
Returning you to the bliss you see in the moments when you are spacious.

This is your truth. This is who you really are.
Breathe your way back.