Let The Tears Fall

Let The Tears Fall

I sat alone on a bench this morning, my love,
The sun was shining and the grass was dewy.
It could have felt perfect.
And, yet, all of a sudden, tears were filling my eyes
As I watched my story of the life I thought I had
Dissolve in front of my eyes.

And I couldn't see one tiny glimpse of the truth,
Of our beautiful connection to freedom.
And I couldn't see any support, either;
I was simply alone.
In true conditioned form, I felt shameful for the tears across my face,
As the early morning risers jogged by,
And my teardrops plopped onto the pavement in front of me as I leant forward to hide.

And yet, it's OK. Because the universe has a plan, my love - apparently anyway.
Because, whilst I can't see it right now, whilst I'm in my head,
I do trust, deep down in my knowing, that life is living me.
I know how it really works.

And even as two little magpies joined me, chirping,
One for sorrow, two for joy,
I found a strange comfort that even this was just a little something else that I apply meaning to
Which is simply created by thought.
Just like the pain.

The difference is, now,
I know this will all move through,
And that wisdom is in there, somewhere.

So for now, it's OK to sit here on my park bench,
Breathing into my body, resting in my beautiful solitude,
And running my toes along the dewy grass,
Letting the tears fall.