Getting Quiet and Holding Space

Getting Quiet and Holding Space

This is a time to get quiet, my love.
A time to nurture.

A time to go inward and allow ourselves the beauty of spaciousness, to see deeper.

It's a time to see that the suffering we experience is not permanent. And more than that,
It is not who we really are.

It is time to let go of our conditioning about how to live. And to dive into our way. The way of knowing. The way of awareness.
The way of presence.

You see, my love, suffering exists, but that does not mean we have to live in the experience of hell.

Instead, we can get quiet and hear our soul's truth.
We can settle into the spaciousness of who we really are,
Resting a while, in that space of deeper connection.
Allowing our thoughts to be seen,
And our feelings to be held.

And as we do, and we find ourselves in an entirely new world,
One in which things become less numbing and more held.
And as we become more present with exactly what is, as it is, right now,
We will see that we are always OK.
Who we really are, is untouchable.

But that this doesn't mean we can't rest here in the humanness, the sadness, the pain, and the suffering, and hold it close to our hearts.
Allowing ourselves the time to grieve and the time to feel our thought-created realities.

That's OK too. What shows up is arising to be seen and held. In the gentle space of nurture.

Until it moves on, of its own accord,
And once more, we remember who we always were:

Wise, courageous miracles.