On Healing

On Healing

Healing is not linear, like you think.

Rather, my beautiful love, it is a collection of ups and downs that we created in our minds to mean something. Of feeling pure ecstatic joy one minute to that all consuming panic the next as you lie in a ball, shielding yourself from the world, feeling lost, scared and unable to breathe.

It's spending the day wandering with beautiful friends and feeling wonderful, until you don't.

And yet, it's not really messy either; we're just conditioned to look for the long journey and create meaning from it.
See, it feels messy when you're in it, when you're feeling broken. It feels like you will never know what to do again, or that you'll stay in bed forever, or that there's something to process or work through; but somewhere, deep in the space of surrender, you'll remember the beautiful truth.

Because, underneath all the thought storms, there's a bliss that reminds you who you are; of your true connection. A wisdom that knows the way and says 'hey, it's OK; you're not really broken at all'. And you don't need healing. My love, this is simply the experience of thought energy, moment to moment, moving through you. There's no need to get lost in it, but you can rest your pretty little face on your pillow, as long as you like, until you feel you can breathe again.
Because, underneath all of it, you are already whole - and never broken. There's nothing really to heal. What you're experiencing is just energy in motion, part of every day human life. Life living you. But, in the moments you feel there is healing to do, that's OK too; you've just simply forgotten, and you can rest a while until you know again.

Because there's nothing to do, and soon enough, my love, you'll see it again. Right in the next moment, you can feel the joy wash over you again like a wave, shimmering over you with a million sparkles, reflecting who you really are.

And you'll rest in that magical spaciousness of your beautiful truth, once more.

Knowing there's nothing to heal.