Come Back Home

Come Back Home

When the world feels dizzy, my love
Simply come home to yourself.

Rest your body down in a nice warm bath,
Let your weary head relax,
And simply hold yourself here.
Maybe even with your favourite mug of tea.

Because the world isn't really dizzy, it just looks that way.
And it feels it because you think you're dizzy, too.
And yet, my darling,
It's not you that's dizzy either.

But when we feel a certain way, it can really look like the rest of the world is at fault,
Because that's how we are conditioned to see it.

What we miss, in those moments where it all looks so scary, so overwhelming and so compelling, though, love
As our hearts beat fast in our chests and the world seems too full of things to do,
Or even of emotions to feel,

Is the simple truth of how our experience is created.

For as we take some deep breaths,
And things begin to become a little clearer,
We see that all that is really going on,
Is the dance of a million thoughts.

And in that moment, the world looked as dizzy as the thoughts swirling round in your mind,

But it isn't, and those thoughts won't last.
They are just creating our experience,
As energy moving through.

But when they do move along, what is left?

What is left is simple:
What is left is our truthful essence;
A space within that is untouched by all of it.
And in that space, my beautiful love,
Is pure connection to what it is that we desire;
Our innate, inbuilt centre.

And you can sense it, even when the world feels dizzy.