Surrendering to Not Knowing

Surrendering to Not Knowing

We can never really know, my love.
We just like to think we can,
As we plan out what to say, what to do,
Where we are going next,
How to deal with the next disaster.

And so we get caught up in problem solving
Future problems, that don't even exist yet,
Other than in our minds.

And the only real problem that exists right now, my darling,
Right in this moment,
Is your own lack of trust in your divine power.
Your mistaken misunderstandings
That you are not already in your own wisdom,
And that you are not able to cope with
That next moment -
Even when you don't know what it is.

Because your safety is an illusion, beauty,
It keeps your mind settled
And your heart still,
Instead of beating into the aliveness of the beautiful truth of who you really are.

There's no need for knowing, dear soul,
There's only time for resting here in whatever is present
Right here, right now.
And when you settle there,
You'll see the truth.

The truth that not knowing really only offers our true freedom
And the innate possibility of everything that awaits you
When you finally surrender to what is.