When the Anger Comes

When The Anger Comes

When the anger comes
Simply watch it roll in,
Feel it burning in your chest,
Enlivening your body with energy.

And remember, my love,
That it is allowed to be there.
And not only that, but you can embrace the storm
As the beautiful reminder that it is
Of the fact that you are alive.

Because you'll feel it filling you,
You'll feel it seeping through your cells,
Shuddering out into your fingertips.
Filling you with tingling sensations.

And you'll want to move,
You'll want to fight,
You'll want to shout,
Kick and scream.

My darling, it's OK to feel all of that;
Though all you really need to do is watch it happening
And, in this moment, practice the pause.
As you notice the sensations arising,
Hold yourself there,
And listen intently to the signals your body is gifting you.
Hearing exactly what you needed to hear.

This is no time for action.
Soon enough, it'll move through, all by itself.
And you'll remember it wasn't real,
But simply the natural energy of thought,
Which is the most beautiful part of being alive.

And underneath that is your unwaveable inborn peacefulness,
So inbuilt that you don't even notice it is always there.

It's OK to feel angry, my darling.
Just know that you won't be resting there forever,

Because you, beautiful soul, are made of gentle love.