What Am I Missing

What Am I Missing?

I yearn to know what it is that makes me seek. I search deeper, even, for why I search. It feels a never ending journey.
Is it because I was abandoned when I was young? Is it because I was hated, or ignored? Why can't I let go? What am I missing?
It feels like I should pay this attention.
And then I realise, all over again: it's simpler than it seems.
I'm simply missing the fact that
I am not really missing anything at all.
I'm missing the fact that somewhere, deep down inside, in a space which is simply divinely untouchable by all of these things that I seek to solve, there is an unwaveable stability.
A space within which not one thing matters anymore. I can't see it. I can't touch it. I can't really even know it.
But I can feel it. And I know, in that space, nothing is missing. It is only the waves glistening around me, seeming so beautifully distracting, dancing around me, shining so brightly, that I attribute meaning to when it feels they need attention.
Any yet, the truth is, they simply reflect the beauty that is shining from deeper inside. That untouchable space.
The space where I remember I am not truly missing anything at all.