Follow Your Soul

Follow Your Soul

When the world feels too full of loss and fear,
Sometimes you have to take some space.

Not to do anything specific,
But to rest your head softly on the pillow a while
Whilst you decide what to do next.

And that might be nothing,
Or it might be to step outside in the sunshine and feel the aliveness of the sunshine cleansing your skin.
It might be lying in bed,
Or it might be dancing.

Whatever it is,
Let it simply be led by the call of your soul.

Because no matter whatever thoughts the word 'rest' conjures up for you,
Real rest is in allowing the soul to be fully expressed.

And the only way you'll see that, my dear,
Is by slowing down to listen
To its gentle signals,
Enticing you in the right direction;
If only you'd take the space to listen.

And eventually, you'll see that, really, there is nothing to do at all,
Other than to hear your soul speak,
And to follow its golden threads
Because they will lead you back to your true sparkle.

The sparkle that is hiding under this head of thoughts,
The messiness of all of us.
And when you see it,
You'll know that all of it is OK.

It is just life living us,
Because we are nature,
Capable and beautiful,
And we are always where we need to be.