When you Want to Be Elsewhere

When You Want to Be Elsewhere

Sometimes, it can feel so much like elsewhere is better. Like having the jungle running wild under your soft toes is where happiness lies.

And maybe it is. Who knows?

But, it is still all external. And, whilst you can't quite see it now, my love, you will be OK right where you are.

Yes, it might feel like a whirlwind has set in as you're in your thoughts about what others have, what you no longer have, or what you think you need, but it's just a whirlwind. None of it makes any sense. None of it has any meaning.

I know you feel alone, too. But, my dear, it is all a story. Just breathe into it, letting your shallow breath become a little bit deeper as you sink into the truth of who you really are. Remembering your connection to something greater.

Allowing yourself to settle in to the space you're inhabiting right in this moment. Just now. Just here. It's not so bad, is it? It doesn't define you. You are so much more, my love.

And, soon you'll find yourself moving from wisdom again, breathing into your belly and knowing which way to go or where to settle.

It's right here, within you. The elsewhere doesn't matter.