Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome

Who am I to dare to create such great things?
I am soft and gentle, and whilst there's a piece of me that shouts 'no' to all the things I see through, I keep myself small, and I don't speak out.
But, underneath that, who am I not to?

Because I am gently fierce, too.
That's not to say I need to suddenly become wild and different to who I really am in order to be taken seriously.
Though, oh, that's tempting in a day where being wild seems to be the latest trend. When it seems to get you seen more easily; more quickly.
But that's not me. At least, it doesn't feel quite right.

Oh no, my love, I want to retain my authentic softness, as my blonde hair dances slowly in front of my happy eyes, the wind around me, allowing it to wave through the sunshine glistening around my face.
I want to be a bit like a delicate rose gently rustling in the breeze, standing proud but flowing with life.

But that doesn't mean I can't let my pink colour shine brightly, as I stand boldly, yet gracefully, sharing the truth, from my full heart.

My love, it might feel like we are too gentle for the world to truly see, but it's not true. It's another story. We can be seen, and heard, but retain our gentle certainty.

We can simply stand in our truth, and shine like a lighthouse. Quietly and beautifully.
We are not imposters; we are simply shaping a new, and gentler way of undoing all of that which no longer needs to be done.

Living our truth, as who we really are. .