Don't Let Them Tell You

Don’t Let Them Tell You

Don't let them tell you, my love,
Because they don't know any better than
We do, when we are in our own beautiful wisdom.

Don't let them prod you and poke you, and act like they are the only ones who know the secrets of the universe,
As if they are God. 
It is only you that can hear the whispers for yourself;
It is only you that can feel your way through the messy and humbling awakening of life.

And, deep down, our bodies are supremely intelligent;
They were built for this.
For when something is wrong, we feel it;
We are the ones who can sense into it. 
And until danger occurs, we don't need to be told that it is time to be fearful.

For that is simply creating anxious thinking that naively predicts the future,
And takes us away from this perfect moment,
Just as it is now.

And anything that is fear is an illusion, my dear. 
Because it might go wrong, but it might also go right;
And much deeper than that; it will simply be what is. 
And not one person can truly know before you.

So, why not be present, here, right now,
In our okayness; in our wholeness?

And if disaster occurs, my darling, we know we will still be ok - 
When have we ever not been?

But do not, just do not, let them tell you otherwise. 
Do not let them impose their own misunderstandings of life into your experience.

Because you already know,
That, deep down, you have your own inbuilt wisdom
And that, my love, will guide you through all of it.