Getting Quiet

Getting Quiet

There's something about getting quiet.
I've been feeling it recently,
Knowing that somehow I only really need to speak when I have something to say.

Yet, my darling, just like you, I'd been trying to find my voice for a while,
But now I see something different.
Something I knew all along, but instead I listened to that chatter that said I needed to be more, do more or speak more.

Because, really, my voice was never lost; I just knew, deep down, exactly when to use it, and when to dive inwards instead.
And you see, my beautiful love, when we get quiet is when we begin to learn more -
And unlearn more.
When we are living in the hushed beauty of our own bliss,
We begin to know;
We begin to remember who we really are.

And who we really are is not in the chatter, it's not in the noise, and it's not in any of the external.

It rests deeply and simply in your own being;
And all you need to do is to be silent enough to hear its whisper.
Then one day, when you do,
As you are lying quietly in the grass and staring into the pure blue sky,
Seeing your true connection to life, without voicing a thing,
You'll just know, as you are left with an empty mind, and a full heart
And a deep sense of bliss,

That this feeling is something you can't even begin to explain.