Magical Stardust

Magical Stardust

I woke up this morning
With pain in my heart
And fear in my belly.

And in that space I watched as my day unfolded
Into tension and grief.

So I gave it all up, my love.
I surrendered.

Instead of focusing on my thoughts,
I simply walked to my favourite place,
Sat my bum down on the cosy chair,
And drank a soft, milky latte
Whilst I nibbled on a raspberry slice.

I didn't really know it,
But somewhere in that space, I began to breathe again,
As I journalled about all of the happy thoughts of all that I loved about life onto the page.
And I fell in love, once again, with the excitement of
All of my hopes and dreams,
And all of the beautiful things
That are present right here and right now, in this very moment.

And all of a sudden,
From a space deep inside,
That seemed as if it was coming from nowhere,
I suddenly realised:

My darling,
We are simply magical stardust.
And we just forgot.