Go Softly

Go Softly

My love, when there's a day you feel like you need to go softly, all you really need to do is honour it.
Because the more you try to resist, the longer it will stay.

And the heaviness will set in, and your head will take over and you'll know not what else to do but panic.

But, as tempting it is to think we are broken,
when the world looks tough through your eyes,
Remember that it won't look like that forever, my darling.

It is simply a storm that will pass just as easily as it came -
If you allow it to bubble up and move through.
For when you see how our experience is created
And you know we can only feel what we think,
You'll see the truth that this is all just a story,

A masterpiece work of art, an illusion, that simply cannot touch who you really are
Even though it feels it is rising up, consuming us, as we forget to breathe,
And we think we are about to be swallowed up by life.
And yet, beautiful soul, it cannot touch us,
At least not as adequately as we can be touched by the feeling of love,
By our true nature.
And, on those soft days, we will remember, and forget again,
As we surrender and finally allow ourselves the space
To drop out of our heads
And into our hearts,
Marvelling at the powerful capacity of our mind,
As we unravel into our truth once more.
Our gentle wisdom.

Go there softly.