Just Living

Just Living

Sometimes we are just doing. Just being in the moment, without thinking about developing ourselves, without meditating, without stopping to consider who we are.

We are living. We are so present that we aren't even trying to be mindful.

And so, my question is, love,
What is wrong with not trying to be mindful?

When we are living, dancing through yellow fields of flowers, squeezing between the delicate stalks and joyfully getting stuck in the maze of life,
When we are hand in hand with the love of our family, without space for us to focus inwards,
But with the beautiful focus of connecting and listening, and enjoying the external humanness we are playing in.

When the energy is light and fluffy, and bouncy.
When we feel full with joy? And we don't have to remember to check in with our bodies and breathe.

Because we are breathing anyway.
We are living anyway.
And, in those moments, we don't tell ourselves to be more mindful. We don't tell ourselves to breathe.
We are effortlessly in the moment. We are not telling ourselves to be in the moment.

And so, my beautiful dear, I ask you:

Why are we making this something to do?
Why do we seek, instead of just living?

When we are already home.