Listening Deeply

Listening Deeply

Listen deeply my love.
For when you don't listen,
You miss what is being whispered.

You miss seeing what sets you free,
For a secret is never really shouted, is it?

My darling, all you really need to do is open your senses
To what is already there.

You see, you need to listen for something so quiet
That it is never shouted outside of yourself.

It is only very quietly noticed
On the very inside,
From a space deep within your own essence;
And if you're not prepared to get so quiet
That you can lean into the sensations that signal it,

You'll miss the most important beauty possible to find.

Because, beautiful soul, within you is a gold.
A gold which navigates you back to its beautiful shining light,
By delicately reflecting to you the way,
Through the tiniest of signals
Signals that can only be felt, and not heard,
But that you still need to listen for.

And so, as you breathe into your body,
And you dive deep within,
With your senses alivened
And your ears open
And your mind willing,
Getting very gently quiet,

You'll finally hear and know the truth.
And only, yes only, because you truly listened to the signals along the way.