You Are all You Need

You Are All You Need

I don't need to look outside of myself.
Not for happiness, joy, or love.

It's already inside us.
It's already ours.

And so, my dear, if you are offering me tips on how to be happier, or more successful, trying to coach me in Your way, I will gently, and with love, tiptoe in the other direction;
Simply to bathe in my own beautiful little secret of truth -
That I only need to hear about who I really am,
Underneath all of this thinking about who I am.
Because, my love, we're just not seeing that we don't need to change the external to be whole.

Sure, we can dance and play in the beautiful fun and joy of being blessed with our human bodies,
We can run in the direction of whatever our soul calls us to do, and I advocate that, too.
Let's play in being the most aligned human version of ourselves we can be!
I'm not saying we shouldn't journal when we feel inspired, or we shouldn't do yoga or meditate, or even seek out deeper connection with another,
I'm simply saying we do these things if we feel moved to - as a luxury of joy, not a necessity to heal.
Because the second we start to believe we need it,
Is the second we lose sight of who we really are.
And, sometimes, a sticking plaster over our pain.
I don't need you to point me to things outside that will fix me,
Because I'm not broken.
I simply want you to point me back to
Who I really am:

Part of the infinite intelligence of life,
A deeper knowing that feels so settled.
Wisdom itself.
Rest there with me a while
And see how it feels.